About Us

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Let us open by saying that community users (YOU) are what help companies shape and hone their products.  For better or worse, any input or response is better than none.  So with that in mind, always, tell us (or any other organization or company you deal with) what you think!

  Dark Star Outpost is a collaboration of programmers, artists, musicians and of course, "Gamers!", who will be developing applications and games keeping the key features of what users want in mind.

Heading into the future, with DarkStarOutpost and the arrival of new, more realistic and cheaper equipment, the door opens for a multitude of new Virtual Reality users.  As new users get more attached to their virtual reality, they will spend more time in the headset and less time in the real world making virtual reality a new "norm" of life.  This leaves a large opportunity for "virtual reality" and"mixed reality" features from companies hoping to grab your attention.

DarkStarOutpost.com thanks you for your interest in our organization and looks forward to hearing from you.